Introducing PABON HALL INTERNATIONAL Trade Negotiators to the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce!

My name is Lina Pabon, the founder and managing director of PABON HALL International Trade Negotiators. I am delighted to present my company to the public and make our services available to you.

Our purpose is to bridge business and promotional interests between Latin America, the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world. PABON HALL’S goal is to assist our clients looking to position themselves overseas. We guide our clients through the complexities of International Trade.

We can offer international negotiation, PR, design and branding, and e-commerce, digital marketing by specialists who know overseas markets and cultures; our multilingual team is available to assist with translations and interpreting.

You are more than welcome to get in touch regarding anything or any services that you may require. I am looking forward to being part of your, and our journey together.