Introducing ‘Just As You Are Counselling’ to the Chamber

Hi, I’m Beth. I am a qualified therapist at ‘Just As You Are Counselling’

I’m also an ordinary human being, I have flaws and make mistakes!

I provide one-to-one walk and talk/outdoor therapy in Worcester to adults of any age. I also offer online sessions.

Whether we meet outdoors or online, my intention is to walk alongside you as a travel companion whilst you follow your own path through counselling, always at your pace.

I love being able to offer therapeutic sessions outside of the traditional therapy ‘room.’ Being outdoors can help our bodies to relax which can allow space for us to notice our thoughts and feelings more clearly. Having experienced for myself the benefits of being out in nature, it makes sense that I offer that to my clients!

I understand that sitting in a room, one-to-one with a therapist, might feel daunting and contribute to increased anxiety. Being outside and walking or sitting side-by-side can feel quite different to being in a room together, and might be helpful especially for people who feel uncomfortable with intense eye contact.

You may enjoy being outside, but not have many opportunities to do so. Taking your counselling session outdoors might help you carve out space each week to help that happen.

I’m flexible in how we use the outdoor space and happy to work together in a way that helps you to feel most relaxed and comfortable.

There aren’t any rules about what you choose to share with me, they are your sessions!

You may be struggling with anxiety, depression, or feeling sad. You might choose counselling due to a bereavement, or experiencing other loss. Sometimes people come to counselling to explore their identity – “who am I?” or they might want to talk about relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, or feelings of overwhelm or ‘stuckness’. There might just be a part of you that has a sense of not feeling OK – we can make space to hear more from that part too.

It can be especially hard to ask for help, and I always hold that in mind when someone reaches out to me to ask about therapy sessions.

I am with clients to listen and to offer a calm, friendly, and confidential space, that’s just for you. I aim to listen without judgement and with an acceptance of you ‘just as you are.’

My approach is built on compassion and care. I provide a space for you to be heard, a place where healing can begin.

I have over 45 years of life experience; encountering struggles, emotionally painful times, and many challenges. My personal life experiences and own therapy journey led me to take the first steps in my counselling training in 2014.

I worked as a counsellor for several years with a local charity counselling service seeing clients in person, then transitioning to seeing clients online when meeting face-to-face wasn’t possible. I now see clients solely through my private practice, and mostly outdoors.

It is through my belief in the support of the therapeutic relationship, and the grounding effect of being outside in nature, that I decided to take my therapy sessions outdoors for those who want to – and I offer online sessions for those choosing, or needing, to meet remotely.

If you would like to find out more about what I offer and how we might work together, do please have a look at my website

You are welcome to pass on my details to anyone else who might be in search of a suitable therapist: a friend, family member, colleague, or employee.

If you’d like to book an introductory session, or have any questions, do please contact me by email – or by text or phone call – 07555 136 499. I have an answerphone so do please leave me a message and I’ll return your call as soon as I’m able to.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my words. Thanks too to the Chamber for allowing me this space to let people know about me, and what I offer.