Introducing Fresh Nous to the Chamber

Introducing Fresh Nous- passionate about new ideas, original thinking and customers

Fresh Nous was formed following a career in corporate marketing and driven by a desire to effect customer focused change across a broader range of organisations. We’ve grown to create an agile team of marketers, digital experts, brand strategists and customer experience professionals.

We spend our days helping our clients to get closer to their customer and future markets, turning insight (existing and new) into marketing strategies that support growth, retention and customer satisfaction.

We support the businesses we work with in all elements of marketing including content writing, digital marketing and sales strategies – all with an eye on customer need.

We work with clients across the UK and globally but we’re particularly looking forward to the opportunities through the HW Chamber to connect to people doing business in our neck of the woods, facing challenges together and hearing their stories.

If you’d like to find out more about us, check out our website – or get in touch with our director, Celia at or 07779 621151.