Insurance for a greener environment

A Customer approached Hasti-Brokers as they were setting up an exciting new franchise installing Electric Vehicle Charge points. Despite shopping the insurance market elsewhere the Franchisee, FAB EV LTD, was finding it challenging to find the Professional Indemnity Insurance on the policy, which was an integral cover of the insurance along with Liability cover.

Another frustration was that few insurers were coming back to him as to why they were not quoting.

Hasti-Brokers, being heavily focused on a greener environment met with Steve Fabian and had a discussion as to exactly what his business installation entailed. With a greater understanding, Managing Director Neil Hastings understood that the challenge for insurers could be that this was a new market so a bespoke policy was needed. Hasti-Brokers assured the Customer that they would search ALL markets and get back to the Customer within a week, even if they could not find this product.

After personally discussing the risk with many insurers, Neil and his team were able to provide a product specific to the needs of the Customer, so that they could begin their exciting journey with Mr Charger ( Franchise Holder)
This show the extra mile that Hasti-Brokers will go and they are how they put the Customer and Environment at the forefront of all that they do.

Please contact Neil and the team on for your bespoke insurance policy.