Insignia specialists Selcraft UK ask: Which metal finish is for you?

Metal finishes covers a wide range of effects and finishes that can be applied to metal items of all kinds; particularly relevant in Selcraft’s field of expertise, which often requires the highest level of appearance on the products they design and produce.

The picture shows some of the most popular effects and finishes.

The primary stage of metal finishing focuses on the raw base metal item, which is often copper alloy material but the same applies to real gold and silver. The effect is imparted onto raw base metal items and are reflected in the electroplated appearance, for instance:-

  1. Polished finish providing a shiny and reflective effect
  2. Sandblasted finish providing a non-reflective effect
  3. Satin finish a half way between the above
  4. Often we incorporate various textures and effects into the dies/moulds that are reproduced onto the raw metal item to enhance its details and appearance

The most popular process, to follow on from the primary stage, is electroplating. Electroplating allows a precious or non-precious metal to electronically adhere to the surface of the raw base metal item. For most of Selcraft’s products, the team use gold, silver, chrome or nickel. Electroplating requires metallic elements harvested from the ground that are receptive to an electric current.

With regards Gold electroplating:-

  1. Gold is deposited onto raw metal items that can appear as 9ct colour or 18ct colour yellow gold
  2. Gold can also be deposited onto raw metal items that appear as “rose” colour
  3. Gold deposits are determined by microns which provides longevity to products if required; although this is generally applied to solid 925 sterling silver to mimic gold (hence the term silver gilt) should real gold metal (9ct/18ct) prove too costly

With regards non-metallic effects:-

  1. These can be applied in most colours of the spectrum by immersion dying, metal spraying or stove enamelling.

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