How businesses can defend against AI-enabled threats

With October being Cyber Security Awareness Month, Wavenet – a managed services provider offering cybersecurity, communications and connectivity that grows with businesses – urges companies to safeguard themselves in the lead up to the busy Christmas period.

The landscape of business technology is teeming with promise, as companies increasingly turn to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for innovative solutions. From automating customer service interactions to honing predictive analytics, AI is unquestionably transforming work.

It is crucial to address an escalating concern about the unethical use of AI by cybercriminals. It adds that artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword for the modern age. While it has many good uses, it also brings new risks that we’re only just beginning to grasp. The implementation of AI in areas such as data analytics and customer relations essentially provides cybercriminals with a ready-made playbook.

The harmful ways AI can be used should not be taken lightly. Machine learning algorithms can quickly go through a huge amount of data, finding weak spots in a computer network much faster than humans ever could. To put it simply, what would have taken cybercriminals weeks to do can now be done in just a few hours.

Additionally, AI gives cybercriminals a high level of flexibility. They’re no longer stuck using just one way to carry out attacks; they can keep updating their tactics, thereby staying ahead of standard security measures. This means that cyber-attack strategies can evolve in real-time, learning from the countermeasures they encounter to create new, more effective methods of intrusion.

The role of AI in making ‘deep fakes’ is truly worrying. These are extremely realistic fake videos, audio clips and emails that can impersonate family members, friends, customers, and colleagues that could unknowingly mislead you or your employees.
Cybercriminals are using AI to watch how people behave. By tracking how employees use systems and interact with each other, harmful AI can figure out the best ways to attack. This means these attacks are not just advanced in a technical sense, but they also take advantage of human behaviour.

Defending against AI-enabled threats calls for a multifaceted security approach, one that combines advanced technology with strategic partnerships. At CyberGuard, we strongly believe in taking steps before problems happen.

Using a strategic combination of AI technologies and human intervention, we provide 24/7 real-time monitoring and response to threats. This means we constantly watch for risks and deal with them as they come up, which helps keep our customers safe.

We also focus on helping our customers become aware of risks before they become problems. While many businesses only make plans for emergencies when something bad happens, having a detailed plan for all kinds of issues can make a big difference. Being ready isn’t just about dodging problems; it’s about making sure your business keeps running smoothly no matter what.”

Looking ahead, it’s vital that businesses stay alert and ready to change. The bad use of AI in cybercrime is a problem that keeps growing, but if we use the right methods and tools, we can fight this effectively. Together, we can take on this challenge.

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