Herefordshire’s a Great Place videos launched

Rural Media’s ‘The Great Place’ project aims to empower communities to redefine what makes Herefordshire a great place, while championing and strengthening the vital role culture and heritage plays in a rural county’s social and economic future.

Earlier this year, Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce and Rural Media announced that they were successful in their bid to receive funding from the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership to develop a new series aimed at linking together business and culture in the area.

Business & Culture Working Together is a collaboration between the Chamber, the Herefordshire Business Board, Rural Media and lottery funded Herefordshire’s A Great Place, to put a spotlight on why the county is a great place to live, work and visit.

The project itself has seen the creation of three powerful films, commissioned by Rural Media.

The films can be viewed on the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce’s YouTube channel:

A Great Place to Live:
A Great Place to Visit:
A Great Place to Invest: