Herefordshire Council Covid-19 Recovery Plan

Since April 2020, Herefordshire Council has distributed over £100m of government recovery support to Herefordshire-based businesses. In July 2021 the council launched a £6.1m programme of activity to support economic and wellbeing recovery. Some of the schemes included in this programme have included:

  • Revive and Thrive – financial support for businesses taking retail and commercial premises on High Streets and business parks for the first time. Also support for pop up enterprises testing the market.
  • Incentivising people to spend/shop locally through a pre-paid card scheme, that can only be used within the County.
  • Shop Local – Promotional campaign to encourage people to shop locally/buy locally, particularly over the Christmas period.
  • Great Places to Visit – Support for each of the market towns, improving the welcome for residents and visitors, public realm enhancements etc.
  • Get Active – Free swimming and range of get active events through to September 2022. Supporting health and wellbeing recovery, while encouraging people to visit and spend at related destinations.
  • Visit Herefordshire – Promoting Herefordshire as a fantastic staycation destination, building on the current very successful marketing and PR campaign into the autumn, Christmas and spring 2022.
  • Return to Towns and City – Incentivising people to get back to leisure/ social activities, working out of home, exploring new places through free weekend bus travel, car pool scheme, business grants for e-bikes.
  • Joined up for Jobs – One stop shop advice to guide people to the right location to access the wide range of available support. Launch of the Herefordshire Youth Employment Hub.
  • Grants to Support Festivals and Events – remaining ARG, grants of up to £50K.

Find out more about Covid-19 recovery support for businesses in Herefordshire here.