HCR guests see new Worcestershire station up close

A sneak preview of Worcester’s new station gave guests of Harrison Clark Rickerbys plenty to discuss at their festive drinks, but they didn’t have to be train spotters to be impressed by the new development.

More than 80 guests visited the station where Marrick Murphy, the scheme’s Senior Construction Manager, talked them through the development’s progress now construction is complete, highlighting its green credentials and discussing the challenges faced along the way.

He said: “People think that construction teams don’t care about ecology, but that could not be further from the truth. Most of us here have agricultural backgrounds and a real respect for the land. I am proud of our attention to the ecological needs of this site.”

Guests, who were welcomed by Charlotte Thornton-Smith, Head of HCR’s Worcester office, later heard from Ian Baxter of SLC Rail, who explained the importance of the new station in increasing Worcestershire’s connectivity to new markets across the country.

Charlotte, who welcomed the Hartwright family, former owners of the land, said: “It is a very impressive development and our guests were fascinated to see it. It will immediately give us better links with Wales and the South West and eventually with the North West and East Anglia – all very important commercial centres.”