Hazelton Mountford Appoint Key Personnel to Drive the New Senior Management Team

Due to the expansion of the company, Hazelton Mountford have created a new Senior Management Team and invited three key team members to sit alongside the Board of Directors.

As a result of their hard work, Dan Tustin, Lee Summers and Lydia Taylor will join the three Directors – Gordon Hazelton, Jake Mountford and Simeon Chapman – as the newly created Senior Management Team, launching in 2024.

Dan Tustin joined the local Independent Chartered Insurance Brokers over ten years ago. His role was previously Senior Account Handler and Operations Controller until a promotion in early 2023 which saw him become Group Operations and Compliance Manager. This strategic position encompasses the development and management of control systems, monitoring regulatory changes, compliance audits and updating policies as well as recruitment and training.

Lee Summers, Branch Director – Evesham, also joined Hazelton Mountford over a decade ago as an Account Executive. He reached promotion in 2022 and now heads up the Evesham branch.

Colleague Lydia Taylor joined Hazelton Mountford in June 2022 as Senior Account Handler. In the new year, she joins Dan and Lee as part of the new SMT and, together, all three welcome the opportunity to sit with the current Board.

In addition, Lydia has gained an internal promotion to Line Manager for the Account Handlers. This new role will start in December 2023 and she’s excited for the new challenge ahead. Lydia confirms: “Along with the need for the new senior management team, it was also identified that a conduit between the Directors and Handlers was required. I’m thrilled to be placed in this role to ensure the handlers have the right support in place for them, and the business, enabling them to flourish.”

Gordon Hazelton, Group Managing Director, says: “By prioritising internal promotions, we not only tap into a pool of proven performers but also hope to send a powerful message about dedication to cultivating a team that evolves together. We aim to be the number 1 employer in Worcester and this is a firm step towards that.”

For more about careers in insurance, please head to the dedicated careers page: https://www.hazeltonmountford.co.uk/careers-at-hazelton-mountford/