Have you herd? Worcester’s Big Parade

In 2018 St Richard’s Hospice launched their Build 2020 Appeal, bringing a project to the county that raised significant funds for their new Living Well Centre and showcased the very best that Worcestershire had to offer.

Worcestershire Stands Tall was an innovative, inclusive mass participation art event and was an incredible success. Last night The Chamber were delighted to be in attendance for the invite-only event where St Richard’s Hospice launched their brand-new adventure, Worcester’s Big Parade.

For eight weeks in the summer of 2021, Worcester’s streets, parks and open spaces will be brought to life by a parade of elephants. A minimum of 30 individually designed elephants will go on display through Worcester from Saturday 10 July to Sunday 5 September 2021. Each sculpture will be individually designed and beautifully created, showcasing the wealth of artistic talent the county has to offer – while positively contributing to the economic, cultural and social life of the area.

On the charity’s brand-new adventure, Tricia Cavell, Fundraising Director at St Richard’s Hospice, said: “I am so excited at the thought of a parade of elephants against Worcester’s iconic attractions standing alongside us to bring colour and fun to the city.”

“Once again, we are committed to delivering an exciting, innovative, inclusive, mass participation event while doing all we can to work with our partners and sponsors to make this a fantastic success for Worcestershire. We thank everyone who has shown such enthusiasm for the second art trail, we would have not come this far without them.”

Not only did the 2018 Worcester Stands Tall (WST) art event bring lots of fun and excitement to the city, it also attracted visitors to the city as well as having a great economic impact:

  • 79% of visitors to the city spent £30 or more during their WST day out
  • 69% said that the trail had inspired them to stay longer than usual in the city and most visited the trail four times or more.
  • 71% said they explored parts of the city they wouldn’t normally visit
  • 31 – 40% increase in footfall during the trail
  • A net profit of £233,000 was raised for the St Richard’s Hospice Build 2020 Appeal

Worcester’s Big Parade aims to bring together the business and creative sectors with local communities and schools, to celebrate the character of the area and its cultural identity. Anja Potze, Chair, Worcester Business Improvement District, said: “Worcester Stands Tall attracted people to the city in their thousands and there were several indicators to show that footfall and spend across all the retailers, restaurants and tourist attractions in Worcester increased.”

“We look forward to the next art trail to boost the economy further and to, once again bring fun and excitement to Worcester City.”

The Herefordshire & Worcester Chamber of Commerce itself sponsored one of the giraffes in the previous WST along with a number of other Chamber Members.

Patron Members including DRP Group and Worcester Bosch were also amongst the sponsors of the 2018 WST, Dale Parmenter, CEO DRPG, said: “Worcester Stands Tall was a triumph! It was great for the local area with an enormous level of public interest and involvement and brilliant for St Richard’s Hospice which benefitted from the extraordinary fundraising efforts. At DRPG we were so proud to be a sponsor and part of such a special event.

“The legacy still lives on as we have a daily reminder of such a fantastic initiative when we walk into our reception to be greeted by Girafficorn.”

Sue Pennington, Corporate Communications Manager at BOSCH, said: “We were proud to be involved in the Worcester Stands Tall initiative. All of our colleagues got involved with visiting the trail and made a special effort to come to see the BOSCH giraffe, he stands proudly in our reception for all colleagues and visitors to see.”

St Richard’s Hospice are already working with their partners and businesses, art and education communities to bring together this exciting project which will add value to the cultural life the city already has to offer. Businesses, education establishments, community groups and charities are invited to sponsor a blank elephant sculpture. Artists are also invited to submit their designs which will be presented to sponsors available for selection.

A minimum of 30 individually designed elephants will go on display through Worcester from Saturday 10 July to Sunday 5 September 2021. After the event the elephants will take centre stage and go to auction in October 2021, to raise funds for St Richard’s Hospice.

The Event, held at the Guildhall yesterday evening saw a gathering of local businesses and important figures from Worcester as St Richard’s Hospice revealed their 2021 project, at the end of the presentation guests received an exclusive first glimpse of Kushee and Sundar (pictured above), The Mother and baby elephant sculptures were designed by artist Amrit Singh.

For 36 years St Richard’s has been an integral part of the Worcestershire community, providing free specialist care for patients affected by serious progressive illness and supporting their loved ones. To find out about the different sponsorship opportunities on offer or for any further information on how to get involved please visit www.worcestersbigparade.co.uk or contact Worcester’s Big Parade team by calling 01905 763963.