Hadopots launches oxo-biodegradable plant pot

Malvern Business Launches Oxo-Biodegradable Plant Pots

Malvern-based Hadopots Limited, the UK’s leading polythene plant pot manufacturer, has launched a new oxo-biodegradable plant pot which leaves no micro-plastics behind when it fully degrades, is made from recycled material and can be onward recycled.
The oxo-biodegradable Hadopot is taupe in colour and is made using recycled polythene. This material – which is certificated to the ASTM6954 standard – accelerates the oxidation process, meaning that, once fully degraded, the pots leave no micro plastics in the environment.
Because the pots contain no carbon black, they can be recycled at many local recycling facilities as they can be detected by near-infrared technology.
Speaking excitedly about the launch of this new product, Will Hale, Director at Hadopots Limited, said:
“We are delighted to launch the oxo-biodegradable taupe Hadopot as it has long been our ambition to bring a more environmentally friendly product to market. We firmly believe that biodegradable pots will become the expected standard in years to come for both commercial and domestic growers.
“The oxo-biodegradable Hadopot will be available in a range of sizes and litre capacities with holes pre-punched in the bottom. As with all Hadopots, because they are flat-packed, they save space and can be used grow vegetables, fruit and small trees in almost any area, including gardens, patios and balconies.
“The launch of the oxo-biodegradable Hadopot has been driven by a desire to make a positive contribution to environmental change in the horticultural world and it really has been a labour of love to get to this stage.
“It is a source of enormous pride to finally be able to announce the launch of this new addition to the Hadopots range and we are really excited to see how it is received.”
Oxo-biodegradable Hadopots can be purchased at the Hadopots retail shop in Malvern, or by visiting the Hadopots website www.hadopots.co.uk – where you can also find more information about the product.
Issued: Thursday 5 March, 2020
About Hadopots Limited:
Hadopots is a family business based in Malvern run by brothers, Jon and Will Hale.
Their father, David, originally started the business as Hado Polythene from a garage in Leigh Sinton back in 1971 as the horticultural industry sought a cost-effective alternative to black rigid plastic pots.
Since becoming its own separate entity in 2013, Hadopots has become the market leader for polythene plant pots in the United Kingdom, supplying commercial growers and the retail market throughout the UK.
Hadopots are hugely popular with commercial growers, domestic grow-your-own customers and vegetable growing competition societies, and are also used for The Potato Council’s annual national schools growing competition across 15,000 primary schools in the UK.