Greener Footprints Launch New Business Champion Awards for Employees of it’s Growing Business Network

Since it launched over a year ago, Herefordshire’s Greener Footprints campaign has engaged with business in bold new ways. Its 30 for 2030 initiative has brought together companies from across sectors to share best practice from their own journeys to net zero while enjoying free energy audits and a range of networking opportunities including business webinars (from issues ranging from business energy savings to carbon literacy).


During Greener Footprints Week in June – the campaign’s first awareness week – they announced their 30th and final member (Hereford Football Club) of the 30 for 2030 group (celebrating with a networking get together with a difference which you can see here, while opening up a new business network to others queuing up to join their ranks and to enjoy the collaborative work they’re doing in the year ahead.


“When we read about climate change, and when we see the impact it’s now having, the problems can feel overwhelming,” says James Marsden, the chair of the Herefordshire Climate and Nature Partnership which launched the Greener Footprints Campaign last year.

“But we know – research is telling us – that when we work together, our combined small steps can make a real difference.”


But this isn’t about just the business owners, says Marsden, but about everyone who works for them, too, and today the campaign launched new Business Champion Awards to recognise what employees do to support business sustainability. The awards – open to everyone in the Greener Footprints business network – are setting out to celebrate individuals and teams who’ve gone above and beyond in their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the organisation or to protect nature and wildlife, and who can inspire others to do the same. You can find out more and join the business network at