GL Launches New Training Centre

GL are delighted to announce a new training centre on site at their showroom in Worcester.

Over the past few weeks the team has been busy refurbishing one of their meeting rooms to display EV-IQ charging points and a working example of an energy storage system.

This new training facility means the GL team can now offer demonstrations of E-home products to electrical contractors or housebuilders to show their ease of installation and to ensure best use. The energy storage system has been developed specifically to meet the challenges of the new-build market.

Comprising a hybrid bidirectional inverter to harness power from solar panels, electricity is used in the home and the remaining electricity is stored in a lithium battery to be used upon demand. This means reliance on the grid is reduced thus saving on energy bills. Power can also be drawn from the grid to top-up the battery overnight, maximising the use of low tariff rates.

In the new training centre, the working example shows the system set up and how it can benefit homeowners in the long-run.

Under Part S, installing EV charging points is now a legal requirement for new build properties and EV-IQ offers a complete solution for the new house build market, designed with the developer and homeowner in mind.

An ‘all-in-one’ box solution, which is easy to install, developers and contractors can now see an example before they invest, enhancing the company’s pre-sales support offering, prior to the purchase.

To book a training session or hire the meeting room for your next event, please contact the GL Customer Service Team who will be happy to help on 01905 610200 or email