Gardeners can now Buy Bare Root Hedging Direct from Growers Online

A TOP British nursery has launched a new website selling bare root hedging to gardeners while also allowing them to access the business’ decades of horticultural expertise in one hit (September 2023).

Wyevale Nurseries’ new website was born out of increasing direct demand experienced by the leading British commercial nursery from consumers and businesses wishing to buy bare root hedging online.

Chairman of Wyevale Nurseries, Heather Williamson explains: “Wyevale Hedges is purely a new e-venture established to plug a gap in the market, supplying high quality British grown bare root hedging direct to the public from our commercial nursery, which has been successfully in business for more than nine decades, under the same family ownership. The e-commerce site will feature more than 150 items of hedging stock along with some planting sundries.” is designed to cater to individuals and businesses that do not meet the minimum order quantity requirements for commercial sales.

The e-venture is a response to increasing direct demand from everyday consumers; making Wyevale Nurseries’ quality hedging plants available to purchase online and be delivered directly from Hereford to customers’ homes in mail order volumes.

The Wyevale Hedges e-store is part of Wyevale Nurseries business and brand and is not a separate company.

Heather adds: “The website offers excellent guidance on choosing the right product to best suit your needs, along with planting and aftercare advice. Our plants are lifted fresh from the field in Herefordshire where they have been growing and have been carefully tended by our team of horticulturalists and are delivered directly to your door within five working days.

“With a wealth of experience cultivated over time, our approach to nurturing bare root hedges employs methods honed through years of practice. We take a methodical and systematic approach to grading our hedges, aligning with how they’ve been grown. This approach allows us to provide you with clear information of the hedge’s characteristics.”

Wyevale Hedges is the latest initiative from Wyevale Nurseries, which is a wholesale horticultural nursery with nearly 95 years’ experience in growing a wide range of plants. It started growing bare root hedging in 1987.

The commercial product selection available from Wyevale Nurseries is envied across the industry.

Its main wholesale business is to supply garden centres, landscape contractors, local authorities, foresters and landowners with a comprehensive array of trees, shrubs, hedging, herbaceous and specimen plants.

For further details of the consumer Wyevale Hedges e-commerce site, please visit