First Choice University Destinations for Malvern St James

It’s the long-awaited A Level results day and pupils at Malvern St James Girls’ School have been celebrating achieving places at some of the top universities in the country, including:
• Medicine at Bristol
• Biomedical Science at York
• Rural land Management at Royal Agricultural University
• Modern Languages and Culture at Durham

Across all A Levels and equivalent qualifications taken, grades show 31% of pupils achieving A*-A; 62% achieving A*-B and 81% achieving A*-C. Subjects which have a particularly strong showing, in line with MSJ’s reputation for its excellence in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) include Biology, Chemistry and Computer Science achieving 50% of grades at A*-A and Art achieving 67% at A*-A.

Pupils taking BTECs in Sport achieved a clean sweep of Distinction Star (D*), the top grade available; and those taking BTEC Food Science and Nutrition all achieved Distinction Star (D*) and Distinction (D).