FBC Manby Bowdler discovers a more sustainable way to do business

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is the way all businesses are being encouraged to operate. Here’s how FBC Manby Bowdler is navigating the challenges and opportunities it brings.

When we started our journey, our first challenge was not having dedicated resources so our Managing Director Neil Lloyd took the lead and all staff were empowered and encouraged to contribute. Additional costs were also a challenge. Doing the right thing isn’t always the most cost-effective choice.


Travel emissions was a big challenge so we switched to video conferencing more, and encouraged staff to car share, lease an electric vehicle or cycle to work.

Power usage was problematic as several of our offices are in listed buildings, but we’ve fitted LEDs and sensor lights, and switched to more efficient boilers and UPVC windows.

We cut office waste by swapping to recycling bins and using glasses at the water fountain. We’ve also reduced document printing and introduced digital business cards.


Building on our previous CSR work, we introduced a fund for local charities and good causes nominated by staff. Employees can raise money using an app, which converts steps into pounds for charities.


Most businesses have some level of corporate governance but there’s always more you can do. We’re moving from self-audit accreditations to externally audited certifications.

When you are changing behaviours, the policies need to be front and centre at all times. Embedding lasting behavioural change will benefit the business, the planet, your customers and your community.