Family firms join forces to put a crafty twist on a classic drink

Two Herefordshire cousins have put a Herefordshire twist into a classic drink. Susan Vaughan, of Celtic Marches and cousin, and Kate Turner, of Penrhos Spirits, have joined forces to create G&C; a surprisingly smooth gin cider.

Keeping it local, the multi award winning cousins have teamed their award winning craft drinks to create this refreshing drop. By blending the finest Herefordshire craft cider with Penrhos’ copper distilled premium dry gin, they have produced a surprisingly smooth cocktail. Bursting with botanicals, it captivates the essence of the orchards which enhances the taste journey. Subtle notes of cherry blossom linger after the delicate sweet honey mouthfeel. The pure gin afternotes are perfectly executed, with pink pepper, cardamom and rose petals gently lifting through the cider.

Brother and sister, Susan Vaughan and Robert Hancocks of Wyer Croft, Bishops Frome, have been working closely with their cousin, Kate Turner and her partners at Penrhos to bring this limited edition still cider to fruition. Both independent businesses are growing in the Herefordshire Marches, physically and commercially. They are employing locally and reaping the benefits of working in such a rich and fertile county.

Using natural ingredients, Celtic Marches and Penrhos have a clear focus; producing the finest craft drinks using local resources. Celtic Marches is home to 200 acres of cider apple orchards. With Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, it is guaranteed that the cider is made using 100% Herefordshire apples. Both ambassadors for Herefordshire fruit farming, the cousins decided to produce a collaborative cider, captivating the rich fruits of the Marches. The smooth combination of these award winning craft drinks offers a refreshingly different option this summer.

To find out more about this 4% limited edition cider, contact Celtic Marches by emailing or call 01885 489812 opt.1