DRPG put sustainability at the heart of business

Creative communications group DRPG launches CSR Charter, highlighting a commitment to their local community and to reducing their impact on the environment.

The actions of companies have significant impacts on the communities they inhabit. Not just in terms of the products and services they offer or the jobs and opportunities they create, but also in terms of working conditions, human rights, health, the environment, innovation, education and training. In recent years corporate social responsibility has become a buzz phrase that has underpinned many companies’ business strategies.

On Thursday 27 February, creative communications group DRPG made a public demonstration of their positive commitment to both their environmental impact and their local community, launching their CSR Charter in an event livestreamed out to clients, suppliers and the media.

Cecilia Law who spearheaded the initiative talks about the journey and aspirations of the Charter, “The CSR Charter has been in development for the past 12 months, in consultation with Eco Events who have been a partner in our journey for many years. It is a road map for the next 10 years. It will be a living document which will be used by our team, clients, suppliers and the industry to engage with the community, to better resource, reduce waste and help our clients create more sustainable projects. We hope that this will inspire clients, suppliers and industry competitors to up their game, follow suit and put making a positive difference at the heart of their business strategy.”

The launch of the Charter was accompanied by the planting of 40 trees and the revealing of 40 CSR projects to be completed in 2020, in a celebration of the group’s 40th anniversary year, and the unveiling their new renewable energy initiative towards becoming a carbon neutral company.

Law comments, “The aim of the Charter is to create trust and transparency to all our stakeholders on how DRPG is doing good business, responsibly and sustainably. Moreover, as we operate in a global space, aligning our efforts with the UN Global Compact’s Sustainable Development Goals gives us greater clarity on how we as a business can contribute not just to our immediate environments, but more widely to society and be a force for good.”

Although this charter reaffirms the company’s commitment, sustainability has lain at the heart of the business for over a decade. In 2008 DRPG became the first agency in the UK to gain the BS8901 certification. Following the 2012 Olympics, a new international standard was created ISO 20121, and this time they were the first in the world to gain the certification along with ISO 14001.

Sam Wilson, Managing Director of Eco Events, said: “DRPG has been leading the way in sustainability for 12 years and the CSR Charter is a public declaration of their commitment to do even more. The Charter is the result of a robust materiality assessment and one year’s hard work to ensure that DRPG is focusing on the things that matter most – where they can make the biggest difference.

“It is a vehicle to both mobilise and amplify positive change both within DRPG and throughout the wider industry, with a core focus on collaborating with clients, suppliers and local communities to leave a lasting legacy.”

To read the Charter click here.

To watch footage from today’s event click here.