Don’t trust words. Trust pictures.

Renata Clarke is an emerging fashion and portrait photographer based in Worcester who also loves capturing fashion inspired wedding images. Her passion started about 15 years ago but for many years it was just limited to happy snaps of family, friends and places she visited. Everything shifted last summer when she got invited to a charity fashion show and discovered different side of photography. That day she decided to follow her heart and put all her efforts in turning this passion into a living. Since then she attended several fashion events and organized several editorial photoshoots which have been published in fashion magazines. Renata is now launching her photography business. She’s especially drawn to the world of beauty and fashion but at the same time to the portraying real people and real moments. She wants to use these skills to help out local businesses with building or expanding their brand.
Her favorite photography quote is by Adam Ansel: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”