Could you help graduates improve their employability skills?

Worcester Student’s Union is asking Employers from the region to help them to support graduates in improving their employability skills by completing a quick 2 minute survey.

This year has had a huge effect on the job market and graduate opportunities. We have seen in local data that students are more likely to be in the ‘deciding’ stage of career readiness, rather than ‘sorted’, when compared to previous years. Despite these challenges University of Worcester students have a lot to make them stand out in the graduate job market.

In the week commencing 17th May Worcester Students’ Union hosted an employability week. This brought together workshops, resources and online interviews to support students throughout the employability lifecycle. At a time of uncertainty across most sectors it is vital that Worcester students have the tools and expertise to stand out.

We are asking employers for help and advice to support students who are looking for part and full time jobs. Please take a minute to complete this quick anonymous survey:

The survey closes 21st June.