Choosing a greener printing solution

A paperless office is a great ideal to aspire to, but with many sectors still relying on physical documents it’s important to pay attention to the environmental credentials of your office printer AND the supplier who supports it.

Clarity Solutions’ robust recycling policy sees all toner cartridges, end-of-life parts and machines broken down into components and recycled locally, along with all cardboard packaging.

Popular manufacturers like Sharp and Sindoh have developed photocopiers with reduced energy usage, but the Eco Direct range of A3 printers go even further. These are produced as part of a Circular Economy, minimising the use of new raw materials and resources by upcycling, reusing and remanufacturing parts. With rigorous testing, this results in a cost-effective machine that delivers quality, functionality and sustainability without compromising reliability or longevity.

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Image caption: Does your supplier recycle your spent toner cartridges?