Celebrating Growth and Leadership: Real World Consultancy (RWC) Elevates Eliza Bradley to Business Growth Manager and Relocates to a Larger Premises

Real World Consultancy (RWC) a Worcestershire-based pioneering business coaching company known for its commitment to fostering business growth and overcoming obstacles for micro and small businesses, is thrilled to announce a series of exciting developments that mark a significant chapter in its journey.

After a year of dedicated and impactful service, Eliza Bradley has been promoted to the role of Business Growth Manager at RWC. Eliza’s strategic insights, exceptional marketing strategy have not only contributed to the company’s success but have also resonated with clients and team members alike. In her new role, Eliza will lead the charge in driving even greater growth and innovation for both RWC and the businesses it serves.

“RWC is delighted to recognise Eliza Bradley’s outstanding contributions to our team and our clients,” said Emma Fishlock, Managing Director at RWC. “Her journey with us exemplifies the spirit of progress and dedication that defines our company. We are confident that in her new role as Business Growth Manager, Eliza will continue to elevate our services and make a lasting impact.”

In addition to Eliza’s promotion, RWC is expanding its team with the addition of another accomplished Business Coach. This expansion reflects RWC’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional guidance and support to its clients. The new Business Coach, whose expertise aligns seamlessly with RWC’s warm and approachable approach, will further enhance the company’s ability to empower micro and small businesses to achieve their growth goals.

Furthermore, RWC is excited to announce its expansion into larger and more flexible office space. This strategic move not only accommodates the company’s growing team but also allows for a more immersive and enriching experience for both clients and staff.

“As we expand our team and move into larger office spaces, we are not only adapting to growth but embracing it,” noted Emma Fishlock. “These developments signify our ongoing commitment to creating a supportive environment for both our team and our clients. We are enthusiastic about the opportunities these changes will bring and the positive impact they will have on the businesses we serve.”

With these transformative developments, RWC is poised to continue its journey of inspiring and guiding businesses towards success, propelled by its exceptional team, visionary leadership, and a dedication to positive impact.