Call for business sector volunteers

The impact of the coronavirus on Herefordshire’s businesses will only truly be known in the weeks and months to come.

Economic survival is only one – albeit very important – aspect. There will also be less tangible difficulties caused by the additional stress, anxiety and feelings of social isolation when dealing with the crisis.

Herefordshire Business Board, with Herefordshire Council is asking all businesses to consider how they may be able to help.

They are asking businesses to share resources, raw materials, components or reconfigure current manufacturing operations to produce urgently required items such as hand sanitisers or personal protective equipment.

Herefordshire businesses could also look at the possibility of sharing vehicles that are currently standing idle and could be used to support the local effort, such as distributing goods to the most vulnerable groups in our society.

Staff who have been furloughed may be happy to undertake voluntary activities to support local initiatives, if businesses have staff that are willing to volunteer, they are encouraged to communicate this to the Herefordshire Business Board.

Finally, businesses could act as mentors to support other businesses and provide a listening ear to those who are feeling the impact of the current environment.

If you are in a position where you can help a local business in Herefordshire and would like to volunteer, please contact with your details and how you would like to get involved.