Bullion wire badge

Designing and manufacturing a bullion wire badge is time intensive although the results speak for themselves. A beautiful working of a client’s idea, this bullion wire (and felt) badge by Chamber member Selcraft UK is explained below:

1 – This is the design idea provided by our client – from this we discussed a brief leading to a quotation; this being our usual professional approach to all enquiries for any of our products

2 – The colour artwork we produced of how the badge would appear once made; this being our usual protocol as it is Selcraft that has the skillset honed over nearly 50 years to proficiently convert “on-paper” designs into metal or textile items that work in practice.

3 & 4 – these show the finished badges; each badge has a formed black felt backing cut to shape onto which is embroidered the design shown using gold electroplated copper wire. Each stitch is applied by highly skilled and steady hands allied to very sharp eyesight.

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