Bingo Box charity campaign

With another challenging year for Foodbanks, ISO QSL re-launched their annual campaign to support Worcester Foodbank, receiving huge success once again.

In the past year, close to 3 million emergency food parcels were distributed with over a million of these going to children. That’s a 37% increase compared to the same period in 2021/22.

The surge in energy prices, inflation, and a challenging cost of living situation is making it increasingly difficult for people to provide meals for their families. With one in seven people in the UK grappling with food insecurity due to income shortages, Foodbanks serve as crucial support for numerous households. However, Foodbanks are facing an unprecedented demand, depleting their supplies, and stretching their resources thin.

With winter season being the most challenging for Foodbanks, ISO Quality Services were pleased to re-launch their annual Bingo Box campaign to help feed more families this Christmas.

The idea of the campaign was simple – organisations were challenged to complete a Bingo Box sheet with the items Foodbanks need the most, donate a supermarket gift card or make a cash donation. The boxes were then brought to Oak House Workspace in St John with cash donations being donated straight to Worcester Foodbank.

The response campaign received was astonishing. 39 companies have partaken in the Bingo Box challenge, donating 47 boxes full of everyday essentials. That equalled to 345kg of food that will help Worcester Foodbank provide around 70 meals to those in crisis.

ISO Quality Services would like to thank every company and individual that showed support as well as donated to the campaign. More people will be able to receive well needed food parcels and enjoy Christmas.

If you are interested in helping the Worcester Food Bank, visit for more information.