Better nights lead to better days

We spend a third of our lives asleep, and yet this area of our health is given very little attention. Joanna from Wyesleep, who are a Herefordshire based sleep service, supporting clients with their sleep issues, attended a Chamber event last year where she met with fellow Member Hewett Recruitment who saw the benefits of the work Wyesleep do and invited Joanna to hold a talk to their staff.

Joanna Kippax, Sleep Practitioner at Wyesleep, said: “Hewett Recruitment invited me to do a lunchtime sleep workshop for their staff working in the Kidderminster office. We had an hour to talk through the impact of sleep in the workplace, how it increases productivity, reduces errors, reduces the incidence of cybercrime, and helps to maintain good physical and mental health. We then had an interactive session on how to improve your sleep, looking at practical ways to get better rest.

Hewett staff were fantastic to work with, engaging in the session and giving some great feedback afterwards. Thanks for the invite Hewett Recruitment.

Speaking on the benefits that being a Member of the Chamber has given Wyesleep, Joanna said: “The contacts that I have made have generated work that has already covered the cost of membership. Every meeting, whether it’s a networking event, training or conference is so well organised with the friendly Chamber team there to welcome you and answer questions.

“Coming from the NHS, as a sleep practitioner, I have met members from a wide range of businesses that I would otherwise not had the opportunity to meet.”

It is great to hear examples of Chamber Members meeting and working together collaboratively and we would love to hear more examples of this in the future.

If you would like further information on Wyesleep and the services they provide please visit their website.