BCC sends open letter to new administration

Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, has released an open letter to newly elected Prime Minister, Rt Hon Boris Johnson. The letter calls on him to deliver on election promises and work with businesses on skills, infrastructure and Brexit.

The letter reads as below:

“Dear Prime Minister,

“On behalf of Chamber business communities in every nation and region of the United Kingdom and around the world, congratulations on your election victory. We wish you, and the administration you lead, well over the crucial weeks and months ahead.

“The task you face is perhaps the biggest the United Kingdom has ever confronted in peacetime. Campaign slogans must now give way to a renewed focus on the details that matter. Words alone will not restore the confidence of British business, consumers and investors.

“Immediate, substantial action is needed to reinvigorate our stagnant economy, build new infrastructure, boost skills and lower the cost of doing business. Your party’s election manifesto was neither clear nor detailed enough on how a Conservative government would achieve these aims – and businesses want to know what concrete action you will now take to deliver them.

“Businesses need an urgent guarantee that you will act decisively to avoid a messy and disorderly exit from the European Union over the coming months. Alongside this, your Ministers must give businesses the clear, detailed information they need to navigate the complex changes ahead.

“Prime Minister, it is hard to overstate the frustration in our business communities. There is deep dismay over the stasis of the last three years, and over the way the challenges of Brexit and future economic growth have been glossed over during the recent general election campaign.

“Businesses feel that their needs have been overlooked, and their faith that Her Majesty’s Government will support enterprise, wealth creation, trade and investment must be restored. Over the crucial weeks ahead, businesses will be looking for evidence that words will be backed up with deeds- and that their needs are being both heard and addressed at the highest levels.

“The hard work of good governance must start now. Work with us, in a genuine partnership, to rekindle the animal spirits of our businesses, to tackle the challenges facing our communities and our planet, and to deliver progress and prosperity in every part of the UK.

“We look forward to working with you, and your team, at this critical moment in our history.”

A copy of this letter is available to view on the BCC website, here.