Ballards LLP Welcomes Adam Strand as Senior Project Manager

Ballards LLP welcomes Adam Strand as Senior Project Manager within its IT and Digital Transformation department.

With a diverse professional background spanning various industries, Adam brings substantial experience and expertise to augment Ballards’ capacity to deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients.

Adam holds a Business IT Degree and has embarked on a multifaceted career journey. He taught Business and IT up to A level before transitioning into account management and project management. Throughout his career, he has maintained a steadfast passion for technology and a commitment to assisting companies in advancing strategically and efficiently. Beyond his professional life, Adam’s enthusiasm for process and systems is mirrored in his pursuit of jiu-jitsu, where he is nearing the achievement of his black belt.

When discussing his role at Ballards and his primary focus, Adam emphasised his eagerness to engage with companies seeking digital transformation. He aims to improve processes and systems while providing critical analysis and support to clients who have undergone significant scaling. Adam’s responsibilities will centre on digital project management, without being limited to any specific industry sector, as he firmly believes that technology transcends all sectors.

On his motivation for joining Ballards, Adam expressed, “The direction that Ballards wants to pursue and its pioneering approach to accountancy transformation set this company apart. It’s not merely an accountancy firm; it’s a company unafraid to venture into different avenues. It’s refreshing to witness Ballards diversify the way they have.” Adam noted that everyone he has encountered at Ballards during his brief tenure has exhibited unwavering passion and enthusiasm.

Sean Devlin, IT and Digital Transformation Partner at Ballards LLP, commented on Adam’s appointment, saying, “We are delighted to welcome Adam to our team. His diverse background and commitment to leveraging technology for strategic business advancement align perfectly with Ballards’ vision. Adam’s arrival strengthens our capabilities to deliver innovative solutions and enhance our clients’ digital transformation journeys.”