Ballards LLP Continues Annual Tradition of Spreading Christmas Joy to Children in Need

As part of their commitment to supporting the Worcester Community Trust, Ballards LLP recently donated wrapped selection boxes to the charity. This support plays a role in helping the Worcester Community Trust provide facilities for community use and extends a helping hand to various groups, including the socially isolated, victims of domestic abuse, and the broader community.

Ben Allman, Partner at Ballards LLP, acknowledged the incredible work of Worcester Community Trust throughout the year. Ben said:

“Worcester Community Trust consistently supports families across Worcester. During this time of year, they extend their reach to those for whom Christmas can pose a financial burden. We are pleased to contribute by providing chocolate selection boxes for Santa to distribute at their events.”

In response to the donation, Jonathan Newey, CEO of Worcester Community Trust, expressed gratitude for the support from Ballards LLP, particularly during the festive season. He emphasised the impact of such contributions:

“Thank you so much to all the employees at Ballard’s for their generosity. Christmas is a wonderful time but can also be a time of stress for lots of families who are trying to make ends meet. These kind and abundant chocolate boxes donations go a long way to spreading some Christmas magic to the many Families and households Worcester Community Trust works with.”