Areca Design bring innovative Augmented Reality (AR) to life

Award-winning graphic design and digital agency Areca Design is leading the way in Mobile Augmented Reality or AR – allowing us all to bring our creative ideas to life.
Areca Design, recently awarded with the prestigious Midlands Digital Communications Business of the year 2019, has already demonstrated the power of the cutting-edge AR technology. Based in the heart of Evesham, the team have gained a fantastic reputation for innovation over the last 10 years – both regionally and nationally. To date, the pioneering team have supported various industry sectors including; engineering, automotive, higher education, tourism, sport and local government, bringing to life their ideas into a 3D reality.
Managing Director, Mick Hurst, said: “AR technology works by programming your mobile device’s camera to recognise ‘trigger images’, which may be in print, physical objects or real-world locations – triggering videos, interactive 3D models or really anything digital. The applications for AR are limitless, AR Apps are now impacting every industry from gaming to tourism.”
For some time now, media and innovation have been merging to create a brand new consumer experience across all industries. By employing the very latest in visual recognition technology, Areca Design, based in Evesham, offer a unique and versatile Augmented Reality solution that enables businesses and organisations of all types to connect with their customers by bringing the physical and virtual worlds together.
Areca Design have used AR to promote construction giants; AMEY Civil Engineering and Kier Property, Local Governments in the City of London and here in the West Midlands, innovative international businesses such as Versarien PLC – and now the annual Battle of Evesham Festival, developing a first for the UK – interactive beer mats where Simon DeMonfort springs to life to tell the story of one of the most important Battles in English History. The beer-mat reverse launches a computer-generated version of the battle. Now you don’t have to imagine how AR technology can bring your event or venue to life – you can see it for yourself.
Mick continued: “Winning the Midlands Business of the Year 2019 award is fantastic and confirms that the direction we have been heading down over the last 10 years has been the right one. Mobile AR has taken seven or eight years to become mainstream as we have waiting for the hardware and internet connections to improve enough so that everyone can benefit. With 4G and 5G around the corner – and all of the big tech companies investing heavily in AR-enabled handsets and headsets, Augmented Reality can only go from strength to strength.”
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