All suited and booted for new career!

Local Worcester man, Sean, is the type of person you warm to, he’s full of compassion, engaging, and communicates well. And after six weeks on the Restart Scheme, it was clear he is also reliable. All things his Job Coach at Seetec Pluss thought made him well suited for a vacancy being advertised at a local Funeral Directors.

It wasn’t an avenue that Sean had considered before but being community minded and wanting a long-term profession; the opportunity sparked his interest. So, when he was offered an interview, he leaned on all the training and coaching he’d received and was offered the job within 24 hours!

But Sean’s heart stopped when he realised he’d need to wear a suit to work, and he didn’t have one. Being unemployed for some time, money was understandably tight, and Sean didn’t have the time to save enough cash to be suited and booted for his first day. Dejected, he asked his Job Coach whether this was this the end of his new career before it had even got started.

The team at Seetec Pluss responded with a resounding no and they were determined to breathe new life into Sean’s career. They went above and beyond to club together, purchase store vouchers and buy him a suit, which he picked up just a couple of hours before starting his new job.

Charlie, Seetec Pluss’ Team Leader said, “Sean’s story shows how a little rallying around as a team can really make the difference to change the lives of our participants. It’s a great feeling to know we made someone’s day by showing a little compassion.”

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