ACRS at the Forefront of Reducing Refrigeration Energy Costs

Many businesses in the region are reaching out for our support. Like many companies especially those in the food and drink sector, energy costs have risen, and they are looking for ways to save money.

With energy efficiency being such a hot topic, enquiries about using Ultra Low Global Warming Potential refrigerants, and how they can reduce monthly energy bills and carbon footprints, are increasing.

ACRS can recommend and install a ULGWP system, which can instantly impact the business. Systems can be easier to use and be able to monitor energy usage. This supports steps to make businesses more energy efficient. Plus, the ULGWP supports businesses towards their goals of becoming greener and more sustainable. And best of all bills have been reduced too, freeing up funds for investment.

As well as providing refrigerant solutions ACRS also installs, repairs, and maintains energy-efficient heat pumps for heating and cooling workspaces and domestic properties. We provide a full design service to determine the most appropriate solution for your business or home. Currently with the incentive of no VAT on domestic installations.

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