A Secure Business – Hallmark Hulme

A Secure Business – Hallmark Hulme

Hallmark Hulme, Solicitors based in Worcester, explain why cyber security is important for their business and the benefits of Cyber Essentials

1.    As a Law Firm, why is cyber security important?

As a law firm we hold client data and funds. It is imperative we demonstrate to clients that we take cyber security extremely seriously to protect their assets. We aim to achieve such security with a combination of robust IT systems and rigorous staff training. Part of this strategy is the Cyber Essentials qualification.      

2.    How easy was it to complete Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a reasonably straightforward process to undertake but we would say this depends on your level of technical knowledge. We are lucky in that we were able to call on our IT support company, The EBC Group, to assist with questions for which we required help. The process is designed to make you review systems and improve where necessary – hence the need for technical input.

3.    What benefits have you seen to your company and to clients as a result of certification?

For our business it is critical that we have a dependable IT system; we cannot exist without it in 2017. Cyber Essentials integrates with many other policies within our business e.g. business continuity, data protection, email, home-working, internet and social media. For our clients it demonstrates our willingness to comply with SRA Principle 10 – to protect client money and assets – this goes to the heart of our duty to act in the best interests of our clients.

4.    Would you recommend Cyber Essentials to other businesses?

Absolutely! Cyber Essentials gives us the framework to run our business securely for our clients. It also gives our senior management team the reassurance that we are doing everything we can in a challenging cyber world.

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