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Developing People

People are your most valuable asset and development of their skills is essential to your business.

This highly practical and interactive series of business training courses will offer attendees the opportunity to enhance their skills in a variety of business areas, critical to any organisation’s development.

Attendees will leave with the ability, confidence and motivation to be more productive in the work environment.

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HR, Health & Safety, Legislation and Regulation

This series of courses will train you and your staff in essential skills, including Health & Safety processes as well as offering courses to keep you up to date on the changing legal work environment.

This series is aimed at both new and experienced employees who wish to gain clear guidance about how to deal with employment issues, both from a legislative perspective, and just as importantly, from an interpersonal skills perspective.

Too often, organisations implement the right decisions in the workplace, but the wrong way, causing avoidable conflict, cost and absenteeism.

Many of these courses are counted as points for CIPD CPD accreditations.

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Information Technology

Information Technology is fundamental to any business and is becoming more and more critical.

This series of courses is designed to equip delegates with the skills needed for their role from basic IT applications and knowledge for beginners, through to infrequent users and specialist training for those who require advanced skills to complete their work.

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PR and Marketing

Getting to grips with our PR and Marketing courses’ best practice will help you to stay on top of the latest trends and takeaway top tips to help you develop your digital marketing planning.

These courses are designed to help you enhance essential marketing skills and develop cutting-edge strategies, to improve engagement with your customers and prospective clients in every channel.

At the end of each course you will come away with tools, tactics and techniques to allow you to develop your business.

Members have access to two FREE places on our An Introduction to Digital Marketing & PR course to get a taste for the series.

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Sales and Customer Care

Selling in today’s competitive environment requires not only confident and highly skilled sales teams, but the ability to build and maintain strong customer relations to retain business.

These sales business training courses are designed to equip teams with the skills they need to develop their market whether they are new to selling or need more advanced techniques.

The Customer Care courses ensure staff can manage clients efficiently and effectively.

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Leadership and Management

Our Leadership and Management training courses are specifically designed to prepare your people to lead the next generation.

These courses aim to build and develop confidence to ensure the right skills are mastered, learning the techniques necessary for a smooth transition into leading their teams in the workplace.

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