The Security Show

A pioneering provider of key storage products aims to lock in a new wave of interest in its class-leading solutions at a major Midlands trade show.

The Key Safe Company, based just outside Worcester, will exhibit its new ark Tamo range during The Security Show at the NEC, near Birmingham, from April 30 to May 2.

As well as offering a platform for British businesses in the trade, the event will also stage the inaugural Security & Safety Entrepreneur Awards. Key Safe has been shortlisted for Entrepreneurial Business of the Year: up to £10m while its founder David Ogden is in the running for Entrepreneur of the Year.

Key Safe’s new product range aims to provide secure, reliable and user-friendly storage units for keys, accessed effectively at the point of need.

Representatives from the company are confident the collection – which incorporates the ark Tamo, Tamo Pro, Tamo Mini and Tamo Go – will be a huge hit, as it was at a recent trade show in the United States.

Group Sales Director James Buckle said the response he and company founder David Ogden received from industry experts out in Las Vegas was overwhelmingly positive.

“I’ve been involved in international sales for 20 years and I must admit it was one of the best trade shows I’ve ever been to in terms of the feedback we received,” he said.

“These new products truly are class leading so it’s little wonder they’re proving so popular all over the world.

“We’re confident they will go down just as well with the domestic audience as they have overseas.”

The products have a mechanical multi-push button function which extends the number of potential code combinations to a staggering 9.7 million.

The fact they are mechanically-operated, as opposed to electrical, also means they are more reliable and are not at the mercy of Bluetooth connectivity or the strength of a mobile phone signal.

Key Safe products have proved especially popular in the care sector and have been accredited with transforming the way the UK’s care industry operates, thanks to the way they have been utilised by paramedics, GPs and care workers seeking access to out-patients’ homes.

But James and the rest of the Key Safe team are on a mission to stress the full range of settings that can benefit from the products.

“A key safe can be useful in any business and at any home,” James added. “For instance, a cleaner might need a key safe to keep items within a large office block secure or a school teacher could use one to access gym equipment.

“There are so many uses and needs for a key safe not just in personal life, but also in a business sense. Our key safes are safer than most front doors.

“These are products that pretty much every building could have a need for at some point so it’s about us educating and explaining to people that keeping your key at the point of need is very secure.”

Designed by the industry for the industry, The Security Event will showcase the world’s leading security brands and also bring together dozens of UK manufacturers, distributors, installers, integrators, consultants and end users.

Key Safe will be exhibiting from Stand: 5/M135.

For more information about Key Safe products that are already available, visit