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The Chamber's dedicated policy team works tirelessly to be the authentic voice speaking up for local businesses before the Government. These are the key policy campaigns that we focus on, although it must be noted that this is by no means an exhaustive list and the policy team are willing and able to assist members with any policy-related enquiries.

Infrastructure & Planning

For our businesses to drive economic growth, suitable and sufficient infrastructure is required. The UK's long-term economic performance will be undermined if infrastructure investment is not prioritised by the government. This is a matter of national and local importance and therefore the policy team takes action on all fronts, engaging, for example, in the national aviation capacity debate, as well as campaigning for faster broadband, particularly in the rural areas of Herefordshire.

Skills & Education

Youth unemployment is a particularly important economic and social problem. Hence, skills & education is a crucial focus of the policy team. We campaign for closer links between business and educational institutions because they are vital to ensuring that the education system produces workers with skills that are attractive to business and conducive to their career development.

Taxation & Regulation

Red tape and high taxes stifle business growth and hinder job creation, damaging economic prosperity. The policy team consistently campaigns for reductions in corporation tax and radical reforms to the broken business rates system. We also lobby for the regulatory burden on businesses to be lifted.

Access to Finance

Access to finance is crucial for businesses, becoming an ever more pertinent issue in the wake of the credit crunch. On a national front, the policy team supports the British Chamber of Commerce calls for the creation of a state-backed British Business Bank, which would emphasize supporting the aspirations of new and fast growing companies. Locally, we work with representatives from the financial services industry on our Area Councils to facilitate effective communication between businesses and financial institutions.

For more information please contact the Policy Team    01905 673615

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