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Date: 03/10/2018

Lilac is 3 years old and has Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy. She is a bright, brave and beautiful little girl who is so determined to be as independent as possible and overcome as many challenges caused by her condition as she can.

We were delighted when Lilac was offered a place at Megan Baker House in January 2018, and she has thrived every week since.
Of all the therapies Lilac attends Conductive Education is by far the one she is most engaged with. She looks forward to going to ‘big school’ each week and seeing her friends. She participates fully in her lessons and talks with such enthusiasm about what she has done. 
Lilac had Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) in April 2018. With the spasticity caused by her CP permanently reduced her time at MBH has never been more valuable.
Prior to her operation Lilac mobilised only with the support of aids and crawled if she could. This has meant that she has been left with very few ‘bad habits’ to correct and it is almost like working with a blank canvas whose end goal is to progress to be an independent walker.
Conductive Education us supporting Lilac to learn the correct patterns of movement. By achieving this she has a far better chance of delaying or hopefully even avoiding future orthopaedic surgeries.
The techniques and skills that the Conductors at MBH are entraining with Lilac has meant that she is now able to stand independently, something that was previously impossible. She walks now with ease with quad sticks and is preparing to move onto single point sticks. The biggest achievement of all is that Lilac can now take over 30 independent steps.
Megan Baker House has changed Lilac’s attitude towards the therapy life that she leads. If we could just do Conductive Education we would. The positive and practical impact that that phenomenal team at MBH have made is world-class and we are so lucky to be apart of the family.
Thank you 💜