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Date: 08/10/2018

“We’ve quadrupled our workload by moving from spreadsheets to a portal that Green Gorilla Software built for us,” says Heather Evans, director from The Medical Company which could see how the way they were working had served them well but was about to start stunting their growth.

“Green Gorilla spent time getting to know our processes and problems as well as everyone on the team and what we all wanted from the portal. They then presented their thoughts on how we should automate our processes.”
The Medical Company is a medical administration team for doctors organising appointments and reports in support of claims.
“Now we’re using the portal as our database.  It means we now have total control over exactly who accesses the portal, how they access it and what they see.  That’s critical for all our staff, doctors and allied health professionals alike - especially in such a sensitive business as ours.  The portal also generates really powerful management reports helping us measure our progress with patient care.

“As a result, Green Gorilla has simplified patient management and made it safer and more effective.”

How they did it

Paul Rhodes, managing director, Green Gorilla Software says, “I know everyone says this, but we really are very different to most other software providers because we’re brutally transparent.  We only work with clients we can genuinely help.  For instance, if there’s an off-the- shelf product to solve a problem, that’s what we’ll recommend.
“We research, consult, design and innovate solutions by ‘unpicking’ problems and reframing them into software solutions which help businesses – generally for SMEs and using Ruby on Rails – to grow.  We often give them confidence in their processes to handle big contracts.  It’s a very robust development process where we test the minimum viable product.  We solve the top three to five issues, build and test them robustly and then launch them quickly and test the return on investment.  It’s all part of our recipe to innovate, automate, grow.”

Leaving the last word with Heather Evans at The Medical Company, “I can’t fault Paul.  He’s one of life’s genuine guys.  I really trust him as he certainly cares and knows us so well. I always know where we want to end up but can’t say how we’ll get there.  I just call him with the process problem and we’ve found a way of working on it together such that, nine times out of 1o, we progress.  He always give me something to think about!  It’s a fine balance between how much the problem needs resolving and how much it will cost to resolve it.  As always, everything has a budget!  But we trust his business judgement - he talks our language. 

“It’s not just our head count which is rising but the profits too.  In fact, this is a rare time for us.  Since we’ve been working with Green Gorilla Software – the portal went live in August 2014 - this is the first time (Summer 2018) I’ve not found them another problem to solve. Thanks to them, we’re scaling up the business so I’m sure we’ll be back!”