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Date: 01/03/2018

Implementing change, especially in the branding world, is a tricky business.

2018 saw Kingfisher Leisurewear ltd, market leaders in the supply of promotional clothing, take the bold step to rebrand and rename as GoCustom Clothing, their online retail store for personalised clothing.
But what exactly is GoCustom Clothing? Managing Director, Angus Mitchell went onto explain;
" offers the chance for customers to browse, personalise and place orders from our vast range of garments, whilst utilising the significant savings online purchasing provides. It’s low-cost, more time efficient and there whenever you need it.”
And why not? With businesses all around the world deciding to brave the online world, face-to-face sales is becoming a thing of the past. But some of the old ways still ring true. Mitchell was keen to express their strategy: 
“GoCustom Clothing is a family run, and family orientated, business. We are a growing team, but the family ideal still lives and breathes at the heart of our operation. We are eager to grow and move with the times, without losing the strong physical sales presence we have built over the years.”