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Date: 01/06/2016

When Nicola Thorpe was sent home from work without pay for refusing to wear high heels it created a media storm around equal rights.

The vast majority of the press and TV commentary, and the reaction on social media reflected outrage that a woman should be obligated to wear shoes which, for many, are extremely uncomfortable and carry health risks.

Thankfully this is not policy in most places of work and certainly not at Haines Watts Hereford, where feeling was so strong on the issue that they made Monday 16th May ‘Flat Shoe Day’ to show support of Nicola Thorpe’s ongoing cause.

Haines Watts Hereford’s Managing Partner, Karen McLellan, said:

‘As long as my staff members have a professional appearance and do a good job, I don’t care what they wear on their feet. I was shocked that Nicola Thorpe’s employers felt that high heels were necessary for her to carry out her work effectively. It’s clearly a sexist policy which has no place in modern businesses. I applaud her for making a stand.’