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Date: 08/11/2018

James Meyer and Linda Camp of Barton Court, were approached to take part in Salvage Hunters, the most popular antique show on TV.

Its star, Drew Pritchard, with his lifelong sidekick, Tee, truffle hunt collectibles for his hugely successful, design led, antique business. He searches endlessly for properties like old schools, factories and country houses where undiscovered gems might lurk.
Drew came to Barton Court for a day of shooting  that was both informative and good fun.  He unearthed several valuable pieces, no longer wanted or needed, that suited him and that he paid very fair prices for.  He turned out to be not hardnosed, tough, dealer but a very nice guy.  A businessman, realistic and pragmatic. It was an excellent experience with massive PR benefits.
You can find out more info about Barton Court on our website: and watch the episode here:…/video/season-13-epi…/EHD_226297B