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Date: 01/10/2014

Malvern Theatre prepares for a one night special performance of 'Fiction'

For one night only: A brand new, surreal and immersive audio experience is coming to Malvern Theatres on Tuesday 14th October. Fiction is a sound journey through complete darkness that plays on the senses, creating a unique theatrical experience that undermines common theatre convention. At times unnerving, Fiction invites its audience to travel through the sprawling architecture of their dreams.

The sound is recorded using binaural sound technology, creating a 3D listening sensation, giving the performance an extraordinary intimacy and immediacy. It transports the audience into their own dream world but all is not as it seems, and they won’t be alone. Fiction creates the eerie sensation of presence, even, or perhaps especially, when there’s no one there.

The show is the second collaboration between director David Rosenberg, the co-founder of Shunt and director of Electric Hotel, and writer/novellist Glen Neath whose previous work includes Romcom and The Bench, which have been performed fourteen countries to date. They previously worked together on Ring, which received great acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

By setting the show in complete darkness, with the audience wearing headphones, David Rosenburg explores ways of creating an alternative reality, building on his previous use of technology and sound in earlier works Ring, Electric Hotel and Motor Show.

Fiction was commissioned by the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, Cambridge Junction and Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival. Funded by Arts Council England.