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Date: 01/02/2018

West Midlands Chambers of Commerce are considering organising an EU co-financed trade mission to Ohio in autumn 2018 focusing on the advanced engineering / manufacturing sector.

We are conducting a survey to assess interest and to help us design the best itinerary. If Ohio is new to you or you are seriously considering the US as your next export push, then this visit could be ideal for you. This visit will probably be a two centre 4-5 day mission, but the choice of host city and programme will depend on responses to this survey, so please click here to help us fine tune our plans and ensure we meet your needs.

Why Ohio?
Ohio’s economy is strong and highly diversified, ranking as the 7th largest economy in the U.S. and the 21st largest globally. Ohio has almost 12 million people and has experienced strong growth, with a strong credit rating and pro-business tax structure.

Ohio’s industries are forward thinking and adapting to the challenges of a digital, knowledge-based world. Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Automotive are already transforming to what’s next – clean, high-tech working environments. Biohealth, IT, Aerospace, Logistics, and Financial Services are also industries leading the way.

Ohio is one of the few states that has all five Game Changers, opportunities for U.S. growth and renewal, identified by McKinsey Global Institute: Shale Energy, Big Data Analytics, Advanced Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and Talent.

Aerospace Opportunities:
Ohio is historically a Tier 1 and 2 Supplier for the Aerospace Sector with its main asset GE Aviation which is HQ’d in Ohio. There is a rich heritage of tech that has spun out of Ohio. A focus next year is around UAV development and OEM. The types of companies that would find success in Ohio are perhaps engineering/developing new technologies for Aero, researching/developing tech for UAV, Drone Technology and/or supplying Tier 1.

Automotive Opportunities:
This is a sector that has lots of exciting developments/opportunities due to its location in relation to Detroit/Michigan as well as the US Department of Transportations $500m ‘Smart City Initiative’. Ohio's OEM is Honda with the NSX being produced there which is of a very similar standard to JLR and Aston Martin’s sports cars. The Transport Research Center (TRC) has the largest testing facilities in the U.S. It was instrumental in the implementation of the “Smart Mobility Corridor”, a 35 mile stretch of Ohio with live sensors specifically in place to collect and trail technologies from the Autonomous/connected tech space. 

Advanced Manufacturing Opportunities:
Targets next year are very broad across Advanced Manufacturing with an emphasis being placed across Additive Manufacturing Technologies, Sensors and Pressure Measurement, Lightweight Materials, Packaging (Plastics and Flexible), Paper Products, Semiconductor Production Manufacturing Equipment, Machinery Manufacturing. There are real opportunities for companies that are in this space and a desire from the U.S. market for these types of products/services.

Ohio’s Main Imports in 2016:
Machinery was Ohio’s leading import ($12.2 billion). Ohio accounted for 4.0 percent of industrial machinery imports for the U.S. The top seven categories (industrial machinery, electrical machinery, vehicles, pharmaceutical products, both apparel categories and optics/medical instruments) accounted for 53 percent ($36.8 billion) of the state total. Three of the top 10 imports saw an increase from 2015. Optics/medical instruments increased 10 percent and furniture/bedding increased 6 percent. Plastics edged up 1 percent.