Member 2 Member Referrals

Net Zero

Introduce 10 businesses to Chamber Membership and you could receive 100% off your renewal fee*!

The Member 2 Member Referral scheme encourages our current Members to refer Non-member organisations to the Chamber. In exchange for 10 successful referrals, you’ll receive a 100% discount off your Membership fee at your next renewal.

What does a successful referral look like?

A successful referral is defined as a Member referring an organisation to the Chamber Membership team and that organisation converting into a new Chamber Member.

This incentive has now been uncapped, meaning Members can refer as many organisations as they wish and potentially earn up to a 100% discount on their next Membership fee – this could essentially mean a FREE Membership! Exclusions apply to Patron and Strategic Membership levels.

How To Make A Referral

To submit a referral, complete the ‘Member 2 Member Referral’ form in the Members Area on our website, or submit the following details to

  • Your name

  • Your company name

  • Name of the company you wish to refer

  • Contact name

  • Contact email address and/or phone number

Contact the Membership team to make a referral

Make a referral in the Members Area

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