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Tips on Entry

-The first step towards winning a business award is to enter. Awards are a great way to generate publicity and raise the profile of your business – free of charge. So go on – make the effort and enter!

-Make sure that you allow yourself enough time to complete the application – last minute rushes may reduce your chances of writing a good entry and therefore of winning.

-Before you write anything make sure that you read the application form and the terms and conditions carefully. Consider what the judges are trying to understand about your business – make notes if necessary to help you when developing your answer.

-Tailor the answers to each question to maximise your score. If necessary remove aspects of your answer which do not add marks. Make every word work for you.

-Do not be afraid to boast – be proud of achievements – it will shine through in your entry and draw attention.

-Think about the people that will read your entry. The judges will have a large number of entries to read so make sure that yours stands out from the crowd. Also make it easy to read with clearly spaced paragraphs and a font that is easy to read.

-Avoid the excessive use of technical industry jargon in your entry. The people judging are unlikely to be from your industry and this could put them off.

-Use actual figures in your entry, as well as indexes, such as percentage changes – these will supply a more accurate representation of your achievements.

-Make sure that you include any background information needed to demonstrate your success and place it within context. Remember the judges may not be familiar with your industry.

-Back up any claims that you make with examples or data where possible. Consider the use of customer testimonials or financial information. Make sure that these are included within your entry form as no separate attachments will be accepted.

-Make sure that you spell check your entry. Bad spelling and poor grammar could make a negative impression on the judges.

-Use the word count function in Microsoft word.

-Remember that the judges may read your entry in hard copy format. Web site links will not be activated by judges so do not use them in your entry.

-Ask someone outside of your business to proof read your entry – this will make sure that it makes sense.

-Whether or not you are successful make sure that you attend the Awards ceremony – it is a great night out to celebrate the achievement of entering the Awards.

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