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Date: 12/06/2017

Deaf Direct, the local charity working with people who are affected by hearing loss, has taken over the running of a hearing equipment business.

Local deaf and hard of hearing people are no longer at risk of losing vital equipment to help with their hearing loss thanks to a charity stepping in. C&P Hearing Equipment Centre, owned by Collin Whitehouse, has been unique in advising, selling and installing equipment to help people in Worcestershire with a hearing loss for over 20 years. This equipment includes devices to help people to hear the television, to help them hear their loved ones while on the phone and loop systems for homes or public venues so that hard of hearing people can access community and social activities.

Mr Whitehouse was due to retire and was going to close his business, but Worcester-based charity Deaf Direct did not want the local deaf and hard of hearing community to lose this essential service, so took over the business from 1st March 2017.

Supplying equipment will support and expand on the charity’s other services helping deaf and hard of hearing children and adults. Individuals or companies can contact Deaf Direct for advice on their equipment needs and can be confident they will receive a holistic, personal approach.

Mr Whitehouse commented: “I feel that I am placing the business in good hands. Over the last twenty years the good name of C&P Hearing Equipment Centre has been welcomed by the deaf community and now along with the trusted name and reputation of Deaf Direct, it seems this is a natural progression to ensure local deaf and hard of hearing people have access to the services they need to combat the effects of hearing loss.”

Philip Gerrard, CEO of Deaf Direct, commented, “This is an exciting move for Deaf Direct which perfectly complements our current advice and information service as well as our plans for the future to meet the demands of the ageing population.  Taking over this service ensures we can keep people with a hearing loss independent while reducing communication barriers and isolation at home and in the community.”
If you are living with hearing loss and would like information and advice about equipment in the home, or if you are a local business interested in installing a loop system, please email or ring 01905 746 301.