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Date: 08/09/2016

Summer is over and it’s back to the long car journey into’s now time to reflect (and not be sad that the same journey took less than half the time last week!). Yes that’s right – schools are back and it was also “back to the classroom” for me as I embarked on the next step of the Chamber Management programme. 

As part of our Chamber growth we have a new level of management which allows us to offer even better customer service for our members! Part of our training involves the DiSC analysis – which enables individuals to learn more about the way they learn with the aim of improving productivity, teamwork and communication. 

We spent the day undertaking a series of activities and learning about the different personalities in a team – Influence, Dominance, Conscientiousness and Steadiness. It is important to recognise your own personality type and those of your team to enable you to better empower, inspire and motivate team members; to play to their strengths as well as your own.

I learned that I am an Influencer – enthusiastic, optimistic, prioritising collaboration and action. With my enthusiasm I can sometimes be impulsive and can get ahead of myself by thinking of the next thing – if I look like I am not listening it’s just that I am thinking of my next goal, I do value what you are telling me! 

With the course comes a DiSC assessment report which summarised not only my own behaviours but also the impact that this has on others. Instead of focussing on changing my personality, the course helped me to understand how I can better work with the different personalities in my team. I learnt that a dominant style will prefer the quick facts with little explanation, whereas a steadiness style may need longer to process information and formulate a plan. A conscientious style will value ensuring accuracy and maintaining stability.

To be an effective manager, it’s vital to understand the different personalities in your team. When you do this, you will be able to use the strengths of each individual to successfully accomplish team goals. This will not only ensure that your team members remain fulfilled in their roles but it will also mean that tasks are completed in the best possible way.

If you would like to find out more, I would highly recommend the course delivered by Lucy Barkas – visit the website here.

Of course there are many other programmes available through the Training at the Chamber, including Leadership and Management and Personal Development – have a look at our courses to find out more.


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Rachel Gent

Business Development Manager

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