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Preference Rules of Origin

Start: 17th October 2024
From: 13:30 to 16:30

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This course is recommended for those who already work in international trade but need further training on origin calculations and how this affects sales and purchases.

We explain the different types of origin documentation and provide a practical session on how to read the relevant international trade agreements allowing origin to be established.

What we will cover
• Explanation of origin
• Rules for non-preferential origin
• Certificates of Origin, UK and Arab
• Rules for preferential origin
• Trade agreements
• Practical session
• Movement certificates – EUR1
• EU – UK Trade Agreement
• Cumulation methods
• Preference on imports to include General Scheme of Preference (GSP)
• Commodity codes and the tariff
• General good business practice

BCC Foundation Award
We offer a BCC Foundation Award for those who wish to gain a qualification through training. The award is given after 6 credits have been attained. If a delegate wishes to gain credits from attending a course they will be given assessment papers after each course they attend.

This course accounts to 1 Credit of the Award.

Please let us know before a course if you would like to apply for the award.

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Location: Zoom

Start: 17th October 2024
From: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

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