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Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Start: 12th February 2025
From: 09:00 to 16:00

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Microsoft Excel is a key competency that supports many day to day functions in an organisation.

A working knowledge of this application is important for most employees operating in a business Environment. Microsoft Excel is one of the most used applications, across a wide variety of sectors. Having staff that are effective, proficient and efficient in their work will support the smooth running of your business and will support your staff to become more productive.

Course Overview
You’ve been asked to enter data in Excel, but you’ve never worked with Excel. Where do you begin? Or perhaps you have worked in Excel a few times, but you still wonder how to carry out some of the basic functions — creating, saving or printing a workbook, how to enter different kinds of data, how to edit data, creating a basic formula, or how to add, edit or delete a cell, columns or row. This is the place to learn the skills you need to work in Excel, quickly.

Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows processes and minimum knowledge of computer usage is essential.

Course Content
By the end of this course delegates will know:

• The procedure for creating Excel workbooks
• Methods of editing contents within a cell or workbook
• Best practice in formatting processes
• How to create a basic formula
• How to print your spreadsheets
• The steps to create, open and save a workbook
• Use of the screen layout
• The procedure to create relative and absolute reference within a formula
• Methods to format and fill cells
• Freezing and hiding columns
• Applying conditional formatting
• Methods of editing page size and printing workbook

Places Available

Location: Cisco Webex

Start: 12th February 2025
From: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Introduction to Microsoft Excel #1


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